IRF Council unamimously passes motion opposing Russian Government actions

The IRF Council has voted unanimously on the following motion.

MOTION PASSED 4 April 2022

  1. The IRF Executive and Council strongly oppose the actions of the Russian Government to invade the sovereign Nation of Ukraine. We wish for a rapid withdrawal of Russian troops and for the return of peace to Ukraine and Europe.
  2. The IRF will not sanction any event to be held in Russia or Belarus until the end of June, 2023.
  3. At any event sanctioned by the IRF until the end of June, 2023, no person can compete under any variant of the country name Russia or Belarus. No flags or other national symbols of these countries can be used, including by competitors. Because individual rogainers are not selected by any country and do not represent countries, any individual can compete in IRF sanctioned events provided they follow these restrictions and compete under another label such as ‘other’ or ‘international'.

Moved Julie Quinn (Vice President)
Seconded Matt Bixley (President)