2016 Czech National Rogaining Championship

The Czech Rogaining Championship was held from July 2nd to July 3rd 2016 in the Orlické mountains. The event centre containing the hash house was situated in Orlické Záhoří, small villlage on the Czech-Polish border.

Total number of rogainers in 24, 12 and 6h categories was 133 split to 65 teams. 125 participants were from the Czech Republic, 4 from Poland and 4 from Germany.

On the race map in scale of 1:50 000 and coloured in traditional hiker’s scheme there had been prepared 69 control points and it was possible to reach up to 4160 points. The best team in the 24-MO category gathered 2850 points.

All results are present on the organizerʼs website: http://www.dobruska.cz/kob/rogaining2016/index.php?stranka=vysledky

The event map with team routes (if drawn or uploaded) is available at


And photos



The race was well organised and the hash house situated approximately in the middle of control points offered a very good refreshment to the competitors (e.g. local Czech beer included), so the weatherʼs caprices could have been surmounted with a smile. Fortunately nobody was injured during the race.


Pavla Privoznikova