10ERC 2013 Spain - Results, Team Control Visits, Route Gadget

Full results for 10ERC 2013 Spain are now available along with category results, control visits for all teams and TV story by UFECTV.

Category results  for Men Open, Women Open and Mixed Open are available including subcategory results for Junionr, Veteran, Super Veteran and Ultra Veteran.


The organisers have produced complete results of all control visits including leg time, elapsed time, control number and control value.


UFECTV reported upon 10ERC 2013 in this production




Getting Started

  • Do you enjoy the outdoors? If so rogaining may be for you and your friends and family
  • Beginners and children are welcome on all events.
  • Contact your regional rogaining group - Contact the IRF Council and Executive and Rogaining Events Calendar.
  • Find what events are on - Rogaining Events and Rogaining Links.
  • Choose your team - friends or relatives who are happy to go at your pace.
  • A little training - if your fit to walk in the outdoors then you are fit enough to begin - being fitter helps but isn't necessary.
  • Learn a little about navigating with a map and compass.
    A good source of information is the book, Rogaining: Cross-Country Navigation.
  • Comfortable walking or jogging shoes are important.
  • Clothing should be comfortable and flexible, able to cope with cool and hot weather.
  • Get a rogaining or orienteering compass. The event organizers will give you a list of other equipment.
  • Have fun. No-one cares how fast or slow you travel as long as you enjoy yourselves.

10WRC2012 entry criteria

The entry criteria has been published on the 10WRC2012 web site, http://www.rogaining.cz/wrc2012/en/. Applications for entry will be taken via an online entry form that will be available on the WRC website when registration opens. There will be three phases of the entry process. Entries open on 1 December 2011. Download Bulletin One (right click and save document, PDF).

Download this file (WRC2012_entry_criteria.pdf)WRC2012 entry criteria[ ]212 kB


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