IRF Executive Roles and Responsbilities

From the IRF Newslettter 158

"Responsibilities of the IRF Executive Positions
This listing provides a guide to some of the responsibilities of the IRF Executive, and should be read in 
conjunction with the official position descriptions in the IRF Constitution (PDF, 26.7kb), and the Monthly 
Roles and Reponsibilities updates sent to Members. This listing is based on the first fifteen years of 
operation of the IRF, especially the four years since 2000 as an incorporated entity. It is seen as an 
evolving list that changes with experience and to take advantage of individual member's strengths. The 
IRF Executive Positions include: President, Secretary/Treasurer, Promotions and Development Officer, 
World Rogaining Championships Manager and Technical Convenor..."
Download this file (Responsibilities of the IRF Executive Positions.pdf)IRF Responsibilities and Roles of the Executive Overview[IRF Responsibilities and Roles of the Executive Overview]108 kB