Motion passed: to exclude Russian and Belarus competitors from WRC and ERC events until end 2023

The motion passed by 11 votes to 7, [with five people abstaining and observers voting 2 For and 1 Against].
Many people who voted found this choice difficult, as shown by the high number of people who abstained and by comments about the tragedy of the situation in Ukraine and that individual rogainers are not responsible for this tragedy.
Motion passed: 
That all competitors from Russia and Belarus will be banned from competing in all World Rogaining Championships and European Rogaining Championships until the end of 2023.

Moved Volodymyr Lipka
Seconded  Jari Kaaja

Organisers of WRC and ERC events will not need to check the nationality or passports of entrants. If there is concern about any particular individual, they will be able to compete if they can show they hold a passport from a country other than Russia or Belarus. 
Rod Phillips
IRF Secretary
July 2022