Czech championship in mountain orienteering

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Czech championship in mountain orienteering was held from November 4th to November 5th 2017. The event center was situated in Všemina (eastern Moravia), the race area covered Vizovické and Hostýnské Highlands.

The competition is traditionally split to two parts (one part is held on Saturday and one part on Sunday), each with a time limit. This once the limit was 6h30 for both days. On Saturday, the competitors had to overcome all control points in FREE ORDER what is exceptional for this event. On Sunday control points were in fixed order.

Race map was scaled 1:40 000 and the weather was really enjoyable this time; sunny with reasonable temperatures on both days.

Final results are available at the organizerʾs website


Saturday map with team routes (if drawn or uploaded) is available on Sunday map



Next national rogaining event in the Czech republic will be a 2 laps race named Brutus extreme orienteering, on the weekend of March 17th-18th (6h rogaining on Saturday, 5h rogaining on Sunday) with event centre in Holany in the Kokořínsko rocky area.