Rogaining back in the area of the WRC 2012

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For the 21st Czech Rogaining Championships organizers utilized the Czech part of the World Champs 2012 area together with some newly mapped forest on the map edges (scale of the map 1:40 000, Pretex water proof material).


Rogainers from Czech Republic, Germany and Estonia were invited to the event center around a nice pond in Šindelová village, only few kilometers from the WRC center in Přebuz. 127 people successfully survived 24-hour race, 14 competed in 12-hour and 34 in 6-hour event.


This year champions are Ondřej Skripnik and Radovan Čech in MO, Petr Dvořák and Lenka Mechlová in XO, and Jana Kožinová with daughter Zuzana in WO.


Full results you can find on the website:


photogallery as well:


Pavla Přívozníková,

IRF Correspondent,

Czech Republic