IRF Policy documents

Policy documents relating to operational aspects of the International Rogaining Federation, including selection, hosting and conduct of World Rogaining Championship events.

Download this file (1401 WRC Host Policy.pdf)1401 WRC Host Policy.pdf[WRC Host Policy]80 kB
Download this file (1401 WRC Rotation Policy.pdf)1401 WRC Rotation Policy.pdf[WRC Rotation Policy]88 kB
Download this file (1407 IRF Financing Policy.pdf)1407 IRF Financing Policy.pdf[IRF Financing Policy]62 kB
Download this file (14WRC2016 Entry Criteria Final.pdf)14WRC2016 Entry Criteria Final.pdf[WRC 2016 Entry Criteria]43 kB
Download this file (1803 WRC Expression of Interest Requirements.pdf)1803 WRC Expression of Interest Requirements.pdf[WRC Expression of Interest Requirements]91 kB
Download this file (Generic WRC_Host Agreement.pdf)Generic WRC_Host Agreement.pdf[Genric WRC Host Agreement]96 kB
Download this file (WRC Ceremonies Guideline Final.pdf)WRC Ceremonies Guideline Final.pdf[WRC Ceremonies Guidelines]66 kB