Getting Started

  • Do you enjoy the outdoors? If so rogaining may be for you and your friends and family
  • Beginners and children are welcome on all events.
  • Contact your regional rogaining group - Contact the IRF Council and Executive and Rogaining Events Calendar.
  • Find what events are on - Rogaining Events and Rogaining Links.
  • Choose your team - friends or relatives who are happy to go at your pace.
  • A little training - if your fit to walk in the outdoors then you are fit enough to begin - being fitter helps but isn't necessary.
  • Learn a little about navigating with a map and compass.
    A good source of information is the book, Rogaining: Cross-Country Navigation.
  • Comfortable walking or jogging shoes are important.
  • Clothing should be comfortable and flexible, able to cope with cool and hot weather.
  • Get a rogaining or orienteering compass. The event organizers will give you a list of other equipment.
  • Have fun. No-one cares how fast or slow you travel as long as you enjoy yourselves.