Rogaine Course Setting and Vetting Workshop after WRC2017

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On Sunday 20 August and Monday 21 August 2017 a 2 day workshop will be presented at the event centre of WRC2017 in Latvia with a mix of theory and field practical sessions to discuss rogaine course setting/vetting processes and approaches. There will be a combination of larger group presentation/discussion and smaller groups with an experienced coach to spread ideas on course setting techniques and philosophy between different areas of the world.

Theory sessions will cover issues such as:
- area selection, permissions and access
- level of competition - local, national, international
- map - scale, accuracy
- armchair setting - control distribution, course structure
- setting - checking and taping control sites
- vetting - checking setters work, negotiate changes if required
- use of GPS
- final map - point allocation

Workshop sessions will put these ideas into practice with group discussions over the 2 days. WRC, regional and national championship courses will be used as case studies.

Field sessions will cover:
- field setting - map accuracy, taping, checking various approaches, moving controls
- take armchair courses and tape on map in small groups
- swap courses with another group and vet
- discuss setting and vetting process and issues with matching group

It will be important to have sufficient experienced setters working with participants. Ratio of coaches to participants 1 for 3-5 people.

There will be a minimum number of participants required for the workshop to run.

There may be a nominal charge to cover material costs and possibly catering.
If you are interested as either a participant or coach please register at